Hi! I’m Natalie Campbell-Djédjé (pronounced Jay-Jay), and I don’t do boring. I believe that you don’t have to conform to show consistency and value to your clients. You and your business are meant to stand out. That’s why I love working with entrepreneurs, executives, brands and industry leaders that set the standard and not follow it.

As a Toronto-based photographer, I’ve always had an artistic and creative side. My influences include cinema, art, fashion, literature, music, nature, and all things beautiful and unique.

A closer look at my personality will reveal that I love Jesus Christ, I am an introvert and a mother to two frickin’ awesome sons. I adore languages, travel, and the outdoors, and as a photographer, the world is my backdrop.

As a classically-trained pianist, I can’t resist touching a piano whenever I encounter one.  There is something irresistible about a well-tailored men’s suit, no matter the era.

Swedish heavy metal is my ringtone and I’m obsessed with warrior culture (think Vikings, Samurai, Zulus, Highlanders etc.) and weaponry.

Braveheart is the best movie ever and you can’t say anything bad about Keanu Reeves to my face!

Also, it’s probably worth mentioning that if you have a Scottish accent, we’re getting married.

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