The Recipe for a Signature Superhero Image


My favourite part of what I do as a photographer is creating signature superhero images for clients who want that standout image to separate themselves in their industry and keep them top of mind. Signature superhero images are essential in one’s arsenal of visual brand images because they are creative and unforgettable, they strike an emotional chord for your audience, the brand stories that you can create are endless, these images pivot you as the superhero/problem solver of your clients’ needs, and lastly, you just look a badass (excuse my French).

When I create a signature superhero image, I love to use the skillful techniques of composite photography (the use of multiple images to create a new image). I don’t necessarily want to create an image that has to look like real life in order to relate to the audience, rather it’s about creating a WOW, emotive image that undoubtedly creates impact and draws your ideal clients to you.

Enjoy this video from a photoshoot as I show the simple ingredients to creating a signature superhero image. Yes, that blank white space is the video. Scroll to the bottom.

Client: Jacob Manishevitz, Your Mortgage Matchmaker.

Images That Highlight Your Superpowers

Natalie CD is a Toronto-based Brand and Portrait Photographer

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