Why Adding Amusing Images Work For Your Brand.


During a brand shoot I love to capture those unexpected behind-the-scene images of my clients. They are the fun, silly, and serendipitous moments. Clients almost always love these images but do not include them in their brand package. The reason is that they are often unsure why a particular image would work in their business, where they should use the images and how they should use them. There is also the concern that they don’t want their business to appear silly, that their audience gets the impression that they don’t take their work seriously. I totally understand their concern but more often than not, it’s really not the case. In fact, the fun and unexpected images can be one of the best things for your brand. Here are the following reasons.

  1. You always want your images to strike an emotional chord. The old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” holds true. Your image will overall make your audience feel good, have a positive response and get enjoyment from your brand. You become memorable.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

2. Your image will stick in their minds on how they remembered how they felt when looking at it. I don’t even count anymore how many times people have come up to me and remembered an image I had taken that not only struck an emotional chord but they also remembered how they felt when looking at it. Sometimes, they’ve forgotten my name and called me by the image. Hahaha. I love it!

Your audience gets some insight into your personality and who you are, making you more personable. As well, you get insight into your audience. You get to know them a bit more by the way they’ve connected with your image. All this builds a stronger connection and brand memorability.

How Can You Use These Zany Images in Your Business?

  • Use them for any light-hearted campaigns.
  • They can be a great icebreaker to a topic that will get your audience’s attention.
  • The facial expressions can be a visual way to connect with your audience. For example: An image of a surprised expression with the message “Don’t get caught off-guard because you forgot this essential business tool” can enhance your brand and expert status.
  • The images can be used to tell a personal story, recreate a scenario or share a testimony.

So include those offbeat moments in your social media presence or marketing campaigns. If it’s the right humour and levity that enhances your brand, it’ll only make your brand better and unforgettable.

Images That Highlight Your Superpowers

Natalie CD is a Toronto-based Brand and Portrait Photographer

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